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From your idea,
to creation.

We are a one-stop shop for design and construction. A company catering for your every need.

We have in-house teams of experts, i.e. we have the specialization, the know-how, and the flexibility to implement exactly what you have thought.

We are committed to the implementation schedule, in order for you to get what you want when you want it.

We provide financial support, in the form of credit, installments, or cost guarantee, giving you flexibility exactly when you need it.

We apply quality control procedures, both in manufacturing and in procedures (ISO), in order for you to be sure on what you are getting.

The services / companies of the Group

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Our team of specialized engineers works in planning, for the issuance of every type of license you may need.
Our construction department undertakes every type of project, providing the supervision and support you need.
The renovation department of ANADOMO will take care of the quality renovation of your home, within your budget and time schedule.
Our philosophy is to respond consistently, swiftly, and comprehensively, to every real estate need of our clients.
years of experience

If you want it,
we can do it




customer satisfaction*

* ISO rating system of the company

We are next to you
In every possible

Anadomo, taking a step forward, strives, creates, and produces, always focused on the human being as a member of the society, as a customer, and as a partner.

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